This poem is dedicated to kurdish women and girls


If I were a poet, I would write about flowers,

All kind of flowers and especially those between towers,

You were a kurdish flower and part of the Nature wisdom,

For these reasons, others have decided to steal your freedom,


You say that a World full of the same kind of flowers is awful,

Whereas a World with many kinds of them would be wonderful,

And I think, among them, you are the most beautiful,

Our flower ! in wisdom you are full,


You are the one who is in our heart for ever,

Who will leave it never,

And even when our heart will stop beating,

Our collective memory would start keeping,


You are the most popular kurdish woman that the World have known,

We are proud of you and we would like to let it be known,

And if your heart starts bleeding,

Our would stop beating,


The World can't support long your oppressors,

Because, a cell is not a place to keep flowers,

One day, it will be the right time to ring the bell,

And your oppressors would go to hell,


Yes Leyla, you have given us your heart and your life,

We thank you by giving you eternal love and eternal life.

© Roni KEVIR, avril 2000